The Municipality of Rättvik

The municipality of Rättvik is located in the middle of Dalarna County, in the middle of Sweden. The municipality of Rättvik consists of the central community but stretches well beyond that, embraced by forests, lakes, and villages. The largest villages within this area are Vikarbyn, Furudal, Boda Kyrkby, Furudal, Gärdesbysjöarna, and Söderås. Worth mentioning are also Finnmarkerna where widely known Bingsjö can be found, which is a mecca for folk music.

Rättvik is the 43:rd municipality out of Swedens’s 290 different municipalities, with an area of 2 137, 79km2. The total population as of june xxxx consists of 10 795 people whereof 5000 people populate the more central regions.

Rättvik is known as a tourist area as well as for its events such as; the annual markets, mid-summer celebrations, Dalhalla, Music events around Siljan lake, Dalatravet, Classic Car Week, and at winter time Siljan Snowshoe race.

The commercial and industrial life of Rättvik

The commercial and industrial life in Rättvik is characterized by flourishing and striving entrepreneurs and small businesses. People living and operating within this region has resourcefully created their own working conditions by harnessing their own and other’s spirit of creativity and innovation, founding a tradition of entrepreneurship and force of implementation that pervades the commercial and industrial life of Rättvik. The major businesses of focus within the region are tourism, trade, wood working industry, agriculture, and forestry. In addition the commercial and industrial life is also composed by specialists within technology, construction and graphic design.

Dalarna’s closest sports municipality

Rättvik takes a lot of pride in being a complete municipality for sports and outdoor-life. Through a vast volunteer sector Rättvik offers a great supply of different activities, the possibility to practice most ball sports as well as the possibility to practice a majority of individual sports.

Well-equipped, modern facilities and the proximity to nature create good possibilities for outdoor-life and recreation. This in the combination with well catered needs for accommodation makes Rättvik well suited for camp, course, and conference activities.

Activities in central Rättvik

1200 meter long sandy beach, bandy, baseball, boule, bowling alley, working dog club, archery, boat harbor, fishing, public health track, soccer field with artificial grass, go-cart, 18 hole golf course, gymnastics, handball, ice-hockey, floor ball, ice yacht, judo, kayak, canoeing, karate, Nordic skating, race-horse track, jogging track, mountain bike, nature reserve, orienteering, paintball, horseback riding ménage, rowing, toboggan slope at summer time, Rättvik Arena, sailing, indoor swimming pool, skateboard, cross-country skiing trails, slalom slope, snowshoe tracks, tennis, racehorse contests, hiking trails, volleyball, windsurfing.

For longer bicycle trails, hiking trails, cross-country skiing trails, and horseback riding trails there is a starting point and finish in Rättvik.

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The race starts at Storgatan 19 in Blomsterliv Rättvik.

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